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Probably the weapon from their inventor Samuel Colt Model 1851 Navy. It was he who called it Navi, thus indicating its use for the navy thanks to its small caliber, the 36.


However, it was sold in greater quantities to the army and became the inseparable companion of the Northerners throughout the Civil War.


The Model 1851 Navy Yank was considered among the brightest single action revolvers, thanks to its rapid draw and light recoil. Available in the versions "SHERIFF'S Model" with reduced barrel (the favorite weapon of the legendary Sheriff of Abilene, Will Bill Hickok), "CIVILIAN Model" with silver plated brass underguard and clamp, and "LONDON Model" with steel underguard and clamp as those produced precisely in the city from which they took their name from 1853 to 1856.


After the war, the Southern government found itself appealing to the sense of patriotism of anyone who could contribute to the production of weapons. The patriot M. Griswold replied to this request for help. The production of arms of Griswold & Grier was immediately stopped due to the lack of steel; Church bells, sword handles and cannon parts were then used.


Thus was born the Reb Confederate, with round barrel, red / yellow brass receiver, brass bands and underguard like the slide, the Reb Nord Navy with the only difference being the octagonal barrel.


To complete the range we have introduced the SHERIFF'S and CARABINE versions.


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