PIETTA's 1873 Single Action Revolvers

After a careful study and a massive use of our human resources, this gun, according to some American experts whom it has been submitted to, turns out to be the best and the most suitable one to answer the demands of the modern cowboys: lasting reliability and interchangeability with the old west originals, we produce this gun using the best technologies and the best material available.


Every single revolver is taken care of and checked by skilled personnel. It is available in the three traditional barrel lengths ( 4 3⁄4 ”, 5 1⁄2”, 7 1⁄2”), in the .45LC, .357Mag and .44/40W calibers, casehardened, nickel plated or stainless steel frame with oil polished European walnut grips or with PVC ivory looking grips.


These are some of the features of our 1873 S.A. Revolver.

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