Reproduction of

historical weapons


Azienda Pietta: La storia

Pietta's name is, for fans,

synonymous with both the most faithful and sought after reproductions

of historical weapons and hunting rifles of great quality.


But how much will, dedication to work, desire to emerge, passion and how much commitment is paved the path that led this family of entrepreneurs to conquer the value that is recognized to them almost fifty years later?


Western Line

"Guns are marvels of human engineering. There is no education to be given about the gun, but about the men who wield them.

A weapon is the historical testimony of our existence. If you don't respect it, you won't respect yourself.

There is no education that saves a man from this principle. "



"When I lost my rifle the army charged me $ 85. That's why in the navy the captain sinks with the whole ship."


From the Challenge Shot Gun to the Historical Surplus collection, the FAP F.lli Pietta factory produces long-barreled guns with all the knowledge of the experience and engineering of the weapon that distinguishes it.


Maintaining a timeless style over time, peering between the moors and breathtaking sunsets, it has never been so close to the dream of living forgotten eras of customs and tradition.




A section dedicated to all the material in pdf.


From the official F.lli Pietta catalogs and divided by line and model version. Easily download the section of the catalog that interests you!


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