Historical weapons Factory 

Today, Pietta is a synonym for the most accurate and refined historical firearm reproductions, as well as high-quality guns for the most passionate hunting enthusiasts. 


As witness, this is the founder of the FAP Giuseppe Pietta, born in 1938.

solid man, able to tell with the love in his eyes, the prestigious legacy of his company.


Son of a worker at Tempini industries,the seventh out of nine brothers and sisters, he is still grateful today for what his father gave him.

“He couldn’t afford to let me study, but he give me a lot more.He passed on sound values of honesty, will and sense of respect toward others which were the model of his and our family’s life, and I grew up carrying the sense of commitment and ambitions with me. 


This becomes a commandment and a principle by which he governs his entire professional life. defending the family name, even in times of difficulty despite a great ambition: to bring the name Pietta into the Olympus of a world niche sector.

“I didn’t long for one lifetime job, I didn’t want to relax on the safe feeling of a monthly salary, I was looking to do something important, for me and for my family I would have in the future."

Even during primary school he was busy helping his brother Mario who was employed in a workshop that produced handmade hunting guns. At the time hunters were larger in number than they are today. That company had a large number of contracts, so my brother took some work home to do and I soon started to learn about shotgun while helping him.


At fourteen I started work in a firearm factory in Collebeato ; it was just a small factory and I took advantage of the opportunity to learn every step in the shotgun manufacturing process. this was the beginning of a mess tin that gave way to gather experience and goals even in private life.


Married and willing to build a solid future for his family, Giuseppe continues to learn a profession that is revealed unique and exciting.


Able continuing to invest in his training and at the same time growing in the job opportunities of the sector, in 1963 finally the great turning point arrives.

The 22 March of that same year, the company Pietta Giuseppe was born - producing shotguns.


Although they are hard times, passion and dedication do not know moments of discouragement. Indeed, the love for the trade becomes contamination when with his brother, gunsmith too, he founded F.lli Pietta. the new company in the Brescia territory occupies a 70sqm space in via Briggia and represents the beginning of a new future.


Now FAP is the radiant historical weapons factory known all over the world. Managed by his sons and still faithful to his father's values, Giuseppe continues to bring an Italian brand high, synonymous with quality and passion.



If you want to know the whole history of the company, download the extract.

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