Historical Weapons Factory

For fans, the name of Pietta is synonymous with both the most faithful and sought-after reproductions of historical weapons and hunting rifles of great quality.


This is testified by the founder of the FAP Fabbrica Armi Fratelli Pietta in Gussago, Giuseppe Pietta, born in 1938. A solid man, able to tell with love in his eyes, the prestigious heritage of his company.

Son of a Tempini worker, seventh of nine brothers, he still thanks his father today for what he was able to give him.


"He could not allow me to study, but he gave me much more, he passed on to me those healthy values ​​of honesty, will and respect for others that were the foundations of his life and the basis of our family, and I I grew up with a great desire to commit myself and emerge. "

This becomes a commandment and a principle by which he governs his entire professional life.


Defending the family name, even in times of difficulty, despite a great ambition: to bring the name Pietta to the Olympians of a world niche sector.


"I didn't want the permanent job, I didn't want to settle down in the security of the end-of-month salary, I was looking for an incentive to do something important, both for me and for the family that I would have done".


Since elementary school he had given a hand to his brother Mario who was a worker in an artisan company that manufactured hunting rifles.


At that time there were many more hunters than today and that factory had a lot of work, so my brother, to supplement, took work home and I, helping him, soon learned about guns.


At fourteen, hired in a small arms factory in Collebeato, he soon learned the whole cycle of working with rifles. This was the beginning of a apprenticeship that gave way to collect experience and goals, even in private life.


Married and intent on building a solid future for his family, Giuseppe Pietta continues to learn a profession that has been unique and exciting over the years.

On March 22 of that same year, the Pietta Giuseppe company was born - manufacturing hunting rifle parts.


Even if they are hard times, passion and dedication do not know moments of discouragement.


Indeed, the love for the trade becomes contamination when with his brother, also a gunsmith, he founded Fratelli Pietta.


The new company in the Brescia area occupies an area of ​​seventy square meters in Via Briglia and represents the beginning of a new future.


Now Fap Fabbrica di Armi F.lli Pietta is the radiant factory of historical weapons known all over the world. Run by the children and still faithful to the values ​​of his father Giuseppe continues to bring an Italian brand, synonymous with quality and passion.

If you want to know the whole history of the company, download the extract.