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Cimarron’s new 7-1/2 inch laser engraved Single Action ArmyStyle at an affordable price 2 of 2

By Dennis Adler


The laser engraved Pietta Single Action comes with a factory tuned action. The hammer draw (resistance to cock the pistol) is just 3 lbs. 5.4 oz. which is substantially better than most guns even with tuned actions; trigger pull is 2 lbs. 14 oz.

I can remember when Pietta started manufacturing Colt-style SAA revolvers back in 2002, and they were not this well refined or accurate. The company has made consistent leaps forward in its manufacturing (including a new state-of-the-art factory) to produce single actions that have a level of quality that exceeds expectations. The latest new model from Cimarron fits that description.

The author prepares to draw the Cimarron 7-1/2 inch SA from the El Diablo II. The holster’s shallow throat recurve keeps most of the triggerguard covered, but the gun is still quick to draw.

Today’s Pietta Single Actions have improved fit and finish (polishing and bluing techniques), metallurgy, internal quality (just as important as how the gun looks on the outside), and production-priced revolvers that come out of the box with standard tuned actions and finishes you’d traditionally pay extra to get.

The Cimarron laser engraved, 7-1/2 inch nickel model sells for $713. For more information visit

The classic styling and engraving patterns of Cimarron F.A. Co.’s new laser engraved 7-1/2 inch model is further accented by a high polish nickel plated finish for durability and long wear. The new model sells for $713.

Frontier Gunleather’s El Diablo II

The Devil you say!

The El Diablo II is an early 1900’s style holster with a full leather lining and hand laced welt that is accented by an elegant, hand stamped border design for a true vintage look. Frontier Gunleather uses a special deep hand rubber chestnut oil finish to add more depth and detail to both the holster and cartridge belt.

The El Diablo II is done with a separate Mexican-style drop loop attached through the back of the skirt (rather than the traditional style with the holster passing through a loop cut into the skirt, or a drop loop riveted to the skirt, as was done in the 1880s) and is decorated with a trio of silver and gold spot conchos with a center leather lace secured by a double bleed knot.

The El Diablo II is an early 1900’s style holster with a full leather lining and distinctive hand laced welt accented by a hand stamped border design.

The holster body has a shallow throat recurve to keep most of the triggerguard covered, and a slight flare to prevent the cylinder from hitting the upper edge when re-holstering. An open toe style, the skirt is contoured around the holster with matching border stamping.

The belt and holster ride comfortably worn high or slung low at an angle; the 7-/2 inch Single Action clears leather easily either way. The handmade El Diablo II holster designed by John Bianchi and crafted by Matt Whitaker sells for $250; the 2-1/4 inch wide 24-round cartridge belt adds another $245 with the deeply engraved Santa Fe clipped corner buckle.

The deluxe Navajo nickel silver buckle on this example is an additional $110.

For more information visit or call 760-324-6198.


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