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The Art of Engraving: with F.lli Pietta you’ll never look at a laser engraved gun the same way! 3of3

The new Pietta factory opened this year next door to the high-tech Pietta factory that was erected in Brescia, Italy, in 1995.

Pietta’s New Factory and the S.E. I. Laser System

It began in 1963 when two brothers with a love of gunsmithing established Fratelli Pietta (Brothers Pietta) in a small 82 square foot workshop in Via Briggia. In 1967 an order for Pietta to manufacture 10,000 Colt style 1851 Navy revolvers for a French retailer changed the course of their business and the future of replica arms making. Pietta’s newest factory, located next to the high-tech factory opened in 1995, began operations this past spring to produce black powder and other arms that have been on back order due to the high demand for Pietta’s Single Action Army models.

With both factories up and running Pietta should be able to better than double its annual production with the new S.E.I. lasers capable of deep laser engraving frames, barrels and parts at an impressive rate. With parts (frames, barrel, etc), mounted in multiple jigs and a computer programmed pattern, it requires only minutes for the laser to engrave a gun part.

Of course, there is a tremendous amount of preparation work ahead of that final phase of the product, and Pietta’s two factories use state of the art CNC machines to produce all of the major components for their Single Actions. In the end, everything is still hand fitted and assembled by a skilled gunmaker at Pietta, the one thing a laser cannot duplicate.

A rare shot of a laser engraving a barrel in the Pietta shop.

The Outlaw Gang’s Cattlebrand Single Actions

Headquartered in Tombstone, Arizona, the Outlaw Gang is one of the newest Cowboy Action Shooting groups in the country, established in 2012 and headed by Colt Faro who is ranked number 10 in the world as fastest cowboy action shooter. Faro’s son, Dylan, AKA Matt Black, at age 15 is now ranked as the number one cowboy pistol shooter.

With that background, a love of the Old West and Colt Faro’s passion for the shooting sports, he has turned Tombstone’s Outlaw Gang it into a brand that has several large companies like Pietta and Taylor’s and Co. jumping onboard for co-branding opportunities. The brand that has become Outlaw Legacy is not just about a classic looking logo, it’s a brand name with a mission that includes honesty, integrity, education, our 2nd Amendment rights and the freedom that we as Americans enjoy. You might say it is simply The Cowboy Way.

For Pietta’s part in the branding of the Outlaw Gang, Alessandro Pietta (AKA Alchemista), who along with his brother Alberto run their father’s company today, decided to create a signature single action for the organization, and it is a 5-1/2 inch SAA with 100 percent coverage in American cattle brands done in Italy by the master engravers at Dassa. Available in .38/.357 Magnum and .45 Colt, the guns have an extraordinary punch dot background overall with the deeply engraved cattle brands accented by border engraving around the frame and muzzle and sunbursts on the shoulders of the backstrap.

The Outlaw Gang cattle brand guns are available exclusively thorough Taylor’s & Co.

The stainless steel Outlaw Gang revolvers have a natural finish that is darkened by the extensive punch dots uses to cover the entire revolver frame, hammer, backstrap and barrel. It is a handsome piece of work that, like the Outlaw Gang defines the inimitability of the American West. The Outlaw Gang models will be imported and sold through Taylor’s & Co.

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