The Smith Carabine

During the so called period of transition, soon after the end of the Civil War, many weapons were originated and played a more or less important role in the American history. The Smith Carbine was one of those weapons: many pioneers ventured to the West armed with their trustworthy Smiths. The hinged breech action allowed a quick and easy reload even on horse- back.


The reproduction of the Smith Carbine is available in CAVALRY version .50 cal. with saddle bar ring, ARTILLERY (bm) with sling swivels and finely hand engraved.

The walnut shoulder stocks feature a brass buttplate and mount. They can be quickly fixed to the guns for a better shooting accuracy. Available for the PIETTA 1851 NAVY MODEL, PIETTA 1860 ARMY MODEL and PIETTA 1858 NEW MODEL ARMY.

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